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Here’s Some Myth and Fact About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence as a technology is still in its infancy. What goes by the name of A.I. today, in most cases, strictly do not fall under the genre. While algorithms have been used from the time business or scientific computing has been in vogue, use of complex algorithms where decision rules encompass manifold options and [...]

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Reasons to Enroll your Employees for Corporate Training Program

Employees corporate training program is mainly undertaken because a company will always want its employees to perform like professional in every corporate sector. This is something that has gained a lot of popularity and has also helped in many cases. In the past, employees were rated on three skills, namely reading, writing, and arithmetic. But [...]

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Six Sigma online Training vs On-site Training

On-site training is now a trend that almost every organization follows in respect of training their employees for the better result in their corporate houses. But the problem lies in the fact that with the emergence of innumerable numbers of on-site training institutes, it has become a difficult task to decide on the superiority of [...]

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