Six Sigma is regarded as one of the most prestigious certificates in the corporate business world. Six Sigma is a set of strategically designed set of tools and techniques that help improve processes within an organization. This certificate comes in 4 levels – yellow, green, black and master black belt.

At Sixth Dimension Learning, we put great emphasis on technical learning and management skills, as they are important in triumphing over the education sector. The generation of today wants a steadfast career that enables them to take up challenges and provide them with security at the same time. We provide Project Management Professional Training in Mississauga and Toronto. Our excellent Six Sigma training will help you reach all the milestones you have set for yourself.

Benefits of Having a Six Sigma Certificate:

You Can Be Richie Rich

Six Sigma certificate holders are one of the highest paid professionals. Most of the experts fall under the million dollar pay bracket!

Be a Good Manager

Six Sigma training prepares you to become an excellent manager by nurturing your leadership qualities. The techniques taught in this program enables you to know how to cut cost, increase revenue and ways to improve efficiency in business process.

Practical Experience

Six Sigma training gives you hand on work experiences, so you are notified what to expect and how much pressure to handle. At SDL, we believe theoretical knowledge is futile without practical application skills and so we prepare our students accordingly.

Multiple Fields

Six Sigma is required in many fields including telecom, IT, banking sector, HR, aerospace and many more. This certificate earns you a huge respect and good salary across industries.

Be The Accurate One

From the company point of view, a person with a Six Sigma certification means that an individual can become crucial to an organization’s ability to eliminate any process errors that occurs repeatedly.

With a Six Sigma certification, one is trusted with the responsibility of an organizations risk management, revenue collection and per year turnover. New strategies can be implemented with the knowledge gained during this extremely valued course. SDL welcomes you to open the door of new possibilities that can provide unexpected growth to your career.