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You will get flexible schedules and courses by SDL to get yourself trained.

  Established in February 2010, Sixth Dimension Learning (SDL) is providing high-quality training on various subjects to students and professionals of Canada. We teach a lot of industry-oriented subjects like Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Analysis Modelling, ITIL, Six Sigma Green Belt, and various other management/technology related subjects. Our courses on data analytics and professional [...]

A career in data analytics can shape the future of youth in a big way!

In a competitive market, it is necessary to collect and research various data to draw conclusions and formulate strategies. Thus, data analytics has become an important subject to make a professional career in the 21st century. CHOOSE THE COURSE TO BUILD YOUR CAREER In Canada, there are various institutes which provide professional courses on Data [...]

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Outsourcing corporate training can be beneficial for your business

‘The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work outside can be done better than it should be done inside, we should do it’- Alphonso Jackson, who served as the 13th Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the USA government. Outsourcing is a technique that is being taken up [...]

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The importance of ITIL V3 training certification for IT professional

Why ITIL V3 training certification is important for IT professionals? The ever-evolving IT world has tons of degrees and certificates to offer. It is important to know the usefulness of the courses and certificates for potential job opportunities. And the most important among them is ITIL V3 training certification. Let understand the positive impacts of  ITIL or [...]

Risk Management Training in Mississauga

How the right risk management training course can strengthen the role of any CFO: Since we all know that CFO of any organisation has big responsibilities. However, risk management helps the CFO in various ways which we will understand today. The business world of today soon requires a flexible mindset besides both new and boring [...]

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The crucial need for risk management training in corporate world today

The Risk is perhaps one of the main concerns of uncertainty in any organization. Thus, corporate companies majorly focus on identifying risks and managing them strategically before they leave negative impacts. It has been so found that specialized employees on risk management are separately recruited by reputed companies. Hence, the importance is quite evident. When training in [...]

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Importance of Corporate Training for Managers.

With the advent of high-end technology in corporate organizations, intricate things have become much easier to manage. A huge number of private and public organizations are enforcing full-fledged corporate training for employees, especially in the human resource department. The HR department of any organization plays a crucial role in decision making. Many HR managers opt for [...]

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Tips to successfully pass BA foundations and Exam Prep Courses

Business Analysis is an important cause in developing a business idea into reality. The significance of business analysis in a growing business is manifold. But, like most other courses, the BA foundations examinations aren’t the easiest. PMP Training centers in cities like Toronto are dedicated to providing the best training for Business Analyst hopefuls. Tips [...]

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Data Analytics – Shaping the future of youth!

Data analytics is basically the qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes that are used in order to enhance the productivity and business gain. Therefore, this is one of the major adoptions that every business organization is relying on. But data analytics require a lot of training sessions to reach the perfection in business strategies. Businesses [...]

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Here’s Some Myth and Fact About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence as a technology is still in its infancy. What goes by the name of A.I. today, in most cases, strictly do not fall under the genre. While algorithms have been used from the time business or scientific computing has been in vogue, use of complex algorithms where decision rules encompass manifold options and [...]

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