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Business Process Management Fundamentals & Process Modeling Course (BPM)

SDL provides cutting-edge BPM training program in Mississauga, Ontario, GTA

BPM Fundamentals & Process Modeling Course (42 Hours)

BPM Fundamentals – Part1

Unique Value

  • A combination of theoretical and practical information
  • Actionable insight into BPM and its contribution to improving organizational performance
  • Students will learn how to be process thinkers 

Course Objectives

  • Understand the key terms and concepts in BPM
  • Learn the major methodologies and techniques for implementing BPM
  • Discover the various technologies that support BPM

Course Outline:

  • An Introduction to BPM terms, concepts and principles
  • Process Modeling, Analysis & Design
    • Process Improvement Methodologies
  • Process Management
  • Process Classification Frameworks
  • Enterprise Business Process Management
    • BPM Implementation Strategies
    • Key Skills, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Transforming to a Process-Managed Enterprise
  • Synergies between BPM, Enterprise Architecture, SOA
  • Introduction to Tools & Technologies
    • Process Modeling Tools
    • Business Process Management Suites
  • Business Process Governance & COE
    • Process Governance
    • Process KPI & Metrics
    • Process Monitoring & Improvement
  • Process Monitoring & Improvement
  • BPM Community & Reference Material

Process Modeling – Part2

Unique Value

  • Provides attendees a thorough understanding of current approaches to process modeling, analysis and design.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to model business processes at various levels of detail
  • Be able to rapidly and effectively analyze the “as-is” process
  • Understand how to present the results of process analysis in a compelling way
  • Be able to develop effective process designs
  • Be able to apply critical success factors in process analysis and design

Course Outline

  • Methodology & Workshops
  • Analysis
    • Prerequisites
    • Key steps
    • How to identify a broken process
    • Selecting a process for redesign
    • Analysis pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Modeling
    • Key principles of Modeling
    • Process maps and types of information captured in a model
    • Data gathering techniques
    • How BPM & Lean Six Sigma can be an integrated practice
  • Design
    • Prerequisites
    • Key steps
    • Process team formation
    • Design principles & benchmarking
    • Design pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Introduction to ARIS Product Suite
    • Process Modeling
    • Filters & Templates
    • Object Library
    • Process Modeling with ARIS Express
    • Impact Analysis
    • Metrics & Reporting
  • Case Study 1
    • Business & IT Alignment with Enterprise Modeling (Retail Industry Example)
  • Case Study 2
    • Pharma Example
  • Case Study 3
    • Call Center Example

Pedagogical Methods:

A blended learning approach will be adopted consisting of classroom lectures to explain the underlying concepts of business process management, along with live case studies from the industry. 

Who Should Attend

  • Those who are new to BPM or have had only a limited exposure to BPM
  • Business Analysts, Project Managers, Middle- and Senior-level Line-of-business managers, Process improvement team members

Class Participation:

Full attendance in classroom sessions& workshops

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