With your experience and knowledge or no matter what education you have, you still need to prepare comprehensively for certain exams. This is why, as PMI approved registered training centre in Mississauga, we are here to provide you with the best training in order to make you eligible for the CAPM or PMP exams. A successful CAPM candidate is expected to use study aids which precisely include courses, self and group study along with many hours to prepare, hence, make sure you leave yourself plenty of preparation time before you take the exam.

CAPM/PMP Exam Prep Course | Sixth Dimension Learning


Advantages of these courses –

  • CAPM Exam Prep Course gives you an understanding of Project Management even though you may have little or no experience. Our team at SDL provides all the necessary aids that a student requires and that turns out to be fruitful when they join renowned organizations later.
  • This is a very advantageous course for beginners with minimal knowledge about Project Management. It also allows you to figure out your next course of action in the Project Management Professional field.
  • Our PMP Training Centre in Mississauga is precisely one of the best institutes that would prepare you well to carry the skills forward in any business organization you would join.
  • The CAPM Exam Prep Course that is provided by our team at SDL will help you with a broad and narrow view of Project Management.
  • This would also help you in understanding the basics of Project Management and the process and other related topics. Taking this course helps you get the first level of project management credentials. Based on this credential level you may decide your career in Project Management.
  • Our courses on CAPM and PMP exam preparations are basically classroom centric. Classroom lectures are offered in order to explain the related concepts of project management, along with live examples from the industry.

These CAPM exam preparation courses help you achieve the focused target and knowledge required to pass the Project Management Institute exam. Hence, these courses are extremely helpful and they help in preparing the candidates in the smartest ways so that their skills get exploited in the best way possible!