Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the practice needed for IT Service Management. It deals with the ever-growing dependence on Information Technology to meet any and every business needs. The ITIL V3 Foundation is basically a project management professional training course that helps you be industry-ready before you step foot into the professional world.

Who can learn from us?

At Sixth Dimension Learning, a PMI approved registered training center in Toronto, we offer ITIL V3 Foundation courses to get you ready for the grueling nature of the IT industry.
We offer our services to anybody that’s interested. If you’re pursuing an ITIL V3 certification, or a project manager looking to enhance your career as ITIL, or even associated with usual IT operations, you won’t be disappointed with the knowledge you’ll earn from here. Basically, anybody with some experience in the IT field can attend a course from us.

What to expect here?

Our course will guide you through a general overview of the IT Service Management Lifecycle. There are a few books that typically outline what you need to study in order to learn the technicalities of this industry. It includes a few processes and functions, like – Strategy Management for IT Services, Business Relationship Management, Design Coordination, Knowledge Management and Problem Management among other functions. Also, there’s a seven-step service improvement process that you’ll have to learn and go through if you want to excel in this industry.

In this course, you’ll get to learn the intense knowhow of ITIL, alongside its strategic and operational benefits, key concepts and all the important definitions and objectives. In the aforementioned service-driven lifecycle approach and the processes and functions, you’ll be provided with an industry-ready description of your main activities and goals. Moreover, you may have come across the terms process integration and business integration before when you worked in the industry, but on his course, you’ll really learn what it means, alongside management reporting.

At Sixth Dimension Learning, we aim to provide outstanding training to those who apply, ever since our inception in 2010. As a PMP training center in Toronto, we thrive to excel at delivering career-focused education and training so that you’re ready for the ever-increasing competitiveness of the professional IT field. We think of it as our passion, and not our profession.