What is ITIL V3 foundation certification and what are the 5 stages of ITIL?

//What is ITIL V3 foundation certification and what are the 5 stages of ITIL?

What is ITIL V3 foundation certification and what are the 5 stages of ITIL?

Remember how Harry Potter felt nervous as he arrived at his school of wizardry, without any prior knowledge of magic? And that is exactly how most people feel when they enter the world of Information Technology and its working domains, without having proper exposure to the working details of the global sector. As a result, a learning program has been specially designed to train the IT aspirants and make them ready to rule the IT sector. The program module is known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). And we, at SDL are proud to introduce our fundamental course of ITIL V3 training certification course for individuals who, with the aid of professional tutelage, will become the boss of their own corporate work life. 

ITIL V3 foundation Course

The curriculum that shall design the professionals of future

The ITIL V3 course has been designed by eliminating any unnecessary information that cannot be practically applied in the world of Internet Technology. Being an expert in Business Analysis training or Business Analysis, our curriculum at SDL consists of a concise, yet descriptive syllabus based on two most commonly asked questions: what-to-do and how-to-do. 

We make sure that an IT aspirant gets the clear image of their objectives and the working process of the domain before they step into the corporate world. From strategy development to tactical management, from to schematic designing to team coordination, every criterion that is essential for a proficient IT employee has been included in our ITIL V3 course material. 

Every step in your curriculum progress ensures a giant leap in your professional career

It is impossible for a student to solve a geometric problem if he has no idea about what a compass is. Quite similarly, in order to attain superior management skills and IT expertise, the individual needs to go through the previous stages to strengthen his knowledge and eliminate his drawbacks. Therefore, our course has designed a gradual five-step hierarchy of ITIL training or Certification to make sure the IT aspirant does not skip any program or leave any flaws behind and face the problem later in his professional career. The five stages in the ITIL certification curriculum include :

Foundational course – To make the candidate aware of the guidelines and regulations of ITIL V3.

Practitioner course – To train the candidate to get habituated to ITIL curriculum pattern.

Intermediate course – Once the candidate has acquired the preliminary skills, he will then be subject to ITSM and shall become eligible for any work sector in the IT domain.

Expert course – A large scale exposure of the well-trained candidate into real-life projects and IT work process.

Master course – Once the candidate has cleared the expert course, this course shall then enable him to become adept at management skills and tactics, making him a master in his own domain.

We at SDL can see the potential locked inside you, and nothing would hurt us more than seeing a talented individual getting lost and wasted in the global cut-throat work sector. Join us, be a part of something bigger, and allow us to have the honor of training and unlocking a bright IT future that you possess.

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