What jobs can you get after completing an advance Excel program?

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What jobs can you get after completing an advance Excel program?

MS EXCEL is one of the applications of the Microsoft Office Suite, and it helps to create spreadsheet documents in Excel format. Thus, such documents are created for data analytics, tabulation of numbers, various calculations, charts and graphs, reports and dashboards etc. There is a domain in Excel which is termed as Advanced Excel. This domain helps to use Excel spreadsheets for various complex calculations and activities.What jobs can you get after completing an advance Excel program? You need to be proficient in Advanced Excel if you want to apply for some particular jobs. Here, we will discuss such jobs briefly.


In accounting purposes, the professionals need to handle various complex calculations involving cash flows, income statements, balance sheets, tax returns among others. Tools and techniques of Advanced Excel help in this matter.


Here, professionals need to run various routine tasks. They prepare reports, manage records, handle appointments and do various calculations. To perform these tasks very fast, they need to use the tools and techniques of Advanced Excel.


In business management and marketing jobs, the professional uses Excel and the tools of Advanced Excel to properly maintain data on the market. They use these data to find out market trends and calculate profitability.


Cost Estimators work with Project Managers, Engineers, and Market Analysts, and they use various tools and techniques of Advanced Excel to create statistical reports of money, cost and labor on previous projects so they can create perfect estimations for future projects.


In the education sector, using Advanced Excel various professionals creates documents and reports regarding students, teachers, classes, syllabi, grades etc. These documents help them to create a database to properly store information of students and teachers like contact details, performance details and project details.


Professionals of Finance and Banking use Excel and various tools of Advanced Excel to create spreadsheets with different financial data sets. By using calculation tools of Advanced Excel, they can easily calculate the amount of commission they can earn if a customer avails a financial service.


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