Presently available in virtual classroom format using white board.

Program Overview

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool for data analysis, number crunching, automation, reporting and building dashboards. This program aims to help novice excel users to become pro excel users in about a week. The program is completely hands on comprising of embedded mini projects and use cases to make it easy for understanding and retention. The program will focus on all the essential skills that are required for expert excel users. This course would be perfect for those who use Excel and want to improve their productivity and thus excel at their workplace. This course would also be ideal for those looking for job opportunities that require business intelligence, automation and building dashboards using excel.

Course Coverage

Productivity Prowess – This module will focus on acing the essentials of excel and gearing up on speed of implementation of common and often used tasks.

Data Analysis in excel – Understand how to apply essential data analysis tasks using excel. This module will focus on the application of graphs and pivot tables to answer business questions

Automating tasks using Excel VBA –  Experience the joy of automation when you learn excel to automate day to day tasks at work like a pro. We will start with the fundamentals and help you build a complete solution all by yourself.

Power BI – We show how to use the latest features in excel for querying, data manipulation and dashboarding using Power BI.

Building Professional Dashboards – Learn to build customized professional dashboards using excel in minutes. We will focus on performance and efficiency along with visual insights in this module.

Statistical Decisions for Business – Understand the appropriateness of tests like T-test, F-test and Chi-Square and implement the same to solve business case studies

Business Forecasting – Professionals in the field of E-Commerce, Finance, Sales and Operations often need to build forecasting models to take sound decisions and we show you how to excel at making one. We integrate R and excel in this module and demonstrate the immense power that we gain through this.

Course Outline

S.No Module Time (hrs)
1 Productivity Prowess 10
2 Data Analysis using Excel 10
3 Automating tasks using Excel VBA 20
4 Power BI 20
5 Building Professional Dashboards 10
6 Statistical Decisions for Business 15
7 Business Forecasting – Excel and R Integration 15
Total 100