Are you aspiring to be a successful project manager? If so, you would realize that there are a whole lot of responsibilities that they have to undertake. The success of any project determines mainly by the competence of the project manager. Amongst the many things that determine their success, how the productivity of the team and the delivery of their services to a large extent contributes towards the overall success of the project that the and the corresponding project manager. Thus, along with many other factors, how effectively you as a project manager can utilize the human resource available holds one of the keys to your project success. It is seen to meet deadlines; the project team might have to work overtime. But you need to motivate the team to do overtime.

If you are wondering how to get them involved in the overtime, we have mentioned below some vital tips that would help you with your cause:

1.As a project manager you need to be honest with your team members

If you seek that the members of your project have to work overtime to meet the deadlines, you must convey to them about the need. You need to make them a part of the team. Once they feel so, they would willingly contribute. You must give them a sense of ownership of the project, which will motivate them to deliver the best, including working overtime. So, discuss the project details honestly and await their willing response to contribute their part.

2.Incentivize the project as an efficient project manager

To ensure that your team members deliver extra, you need to be innovative about offering them incentives. In all likelihood, since they are paid a salary for the project, offering monetary remuneration may not be possible on your part. However, you could provide incentives in other forms. It could be in the form of taking a day off after the completion of the project. Or you could also offer complimentary food and beverages and so on.

3.You need to be flexible in your approach

If you want your team members to work on the project you are handling, you need to have a flexible system. Instead of asking them always to stick to their daily routines, you could ask them if they would prefer to come on a weekend and work and so on. You need to make sure that though the timely completion of the project is vital at the same time, you also genuinely care about their wellbeing, which is why you can offer some innovative ways to ensure that they feel cared for.

4.Lead by your example

Being a successful project manager is all about becoming a leader. You need to lead from the front. So, if you want your team to deliver hard work overtime, you should be the first to ensure that you are more than ready to deliver what is expected from you. By seeing you, they too would feel motivated enough to provide extra work.


To conclude, being a successful project manager requires a lot of skills and knowledge. You must know how to bring the best out of the team. You need to acquire other skills as well. So, you need to get PMP certified, and/or CBAP certified. It is seen that, at times, that specific certification also can help you succeed in your project management career. In line with this, we need to look for the best PMP Exam Prep Course or the suitable CBAP Exam Prep Course