In this blog, let us shed some light on the reasons people fail PMP certification exams. This post could also be helpful for ones thinking of any possibility of failures. Also, important is to know the aftermath of a failure in PMP certifications. 

The crux of the whole story is, not all will sail through in the very first attempt. One might have heard of people failing in the second and third attempts. That is also not very unusual at all. 

But it becomes very important to not lose oneself in despair. If one follows a proper and methodological strategy, he will pass the exam. You might have failed, but it’s not the end at all. Not clearing in one attempt does not necessarily mean, you can’t pass the exam ever!

PMP failure rates

An overwhelming percentage of the masses flunk PMP credential tests. With the ultimate aim of sailing through, you can make it there. Avoid making the same mistakes over and over. Past mistakes could be the best learning lessons. mentioned below are a few reasons why you might have failed!

You lack a thorough understanding!

Perhaps, the reason why you could not clear the certification was a lack of understanding. You needed more clear concepts about the basics or fundamentals. 

It becomes utter important to have a proper strategy to advance. Unless one has that, passing the certification can be difficult. Try to analyze what exactly did not fall in place. This could solve several problems for certain. 

You have been struggling with the standardized exams

Many students know the topics; have the required experience but freeze up too early. One might have done the hard work and still could not clear the standardized test. It is important to understand that the pressure build-up will be insurmountable. So, it is duly important to manage stress and work accordingly. 

You could not handle exam room distraction well

There could be multiple sources of distractions inside the exam room. Students have reported distractions leading to poor concentration. This may have caused you to fail. This rare issue still prevails. Recover from this to reach your destination. The best way to recover could be to ignore distractions completely. 

You did not take PMP practice mocks

Unfortunately, learners don’t take mocks seriously. This is the most prevalent issue. One needs ample mock sessions to succeed. Avoiding mocks simply adds to your problems. 

A departing note

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