Are you embarking on a career as a Business Analyst? If so the CCBA Certification is what can go a long way for a lucrative career in the field. The best part about the CCBA Exam is that it is not as intimidating as some of the other Business Analyst certification. At the same time, this is a useful certification for putting on your career resume. So let us first of all try and understand what is certification is all about and how you can easily clear it. 

What is the CCBA Certification Exam? 

You need to note that the Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) was created fairly recently in the year 2006. This was mainly done for the purpose of evaluating as well as accrediting Business Analysts. However, later on in the year 2011 the same organization International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) introduced the Certified Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) Certification. When it comes to investigating business models and business opportunities both these certifications the CBAP and CCBA are held in high estimation in regard to knowledge and competence in the field. The CCBA is an intermediate credential and secondary to the main CBAP for Business Analysts. 

The CCBA Exam Structure

If you are to look at the CCBA Exam then you would see that it is by and largely dependent on the Business Analyst Book of Knowledge (BABOK Guide). This is basically a collection that was created by the IIBA. The content of this book is divided into various sections, with certain sections have more questions compared to the other sections. 

What is required for taking the CCBA Exam?

In order to even appear for the CCBA Exam, you need to meet certain additional requirements that relate to education as well as professional work experience. You need to have at least 3750 hours of professional work experience. This is within 7 years of your proposed exam date. Furthermore, sizeable portions of those work hours would be involved in certain areas of work. 

How to Pass the CCBA Exam?

It is true that the CCBA exam is easier to clear than the CBAP exam. However, don’t expect that it would be a simple cakewalk for you. You can not clear the exam just memorizing the one book over a month or two. It is important that you have a very planned study plan for the clearance of the CCBA examination. It is important for you as a career aspirant to understand that the work experience you have is the most critical resource that you need to draw from. However at the same time simply relying on work experience will not help you either. You need to know that BABOK Guide well as well. Apart from this undertaking, the best preparatory course to clear the exam may indeed be a great idea as well. If you are looking for a reliable CCBA Prep Course in Mississauga or a CCBA Prep Course in Toronto Sixth Dimension Learning is definitely a leader in the field.