What makes the PMP Certification worth it?

//What makes the PMP Certification worth it?

What makes the PMP Certification worth it?

It is a professional world. If you are a young aspiring career professional we are sure that you are always on the lookout for ways and means to equip yourself with the right career tools which would help you to spearhead your career ahead. After all, there is cut-throat competition in the professional world. When it comes to project management there is one certification that can put your project management career in the driver’s seat. This is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) which is headquartered at Pennsylvania USA.

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How is PMP Certification making a big difference for Project Managers?

As per a recent survey conducted by the most renowned PWC, it is being seen that certified PMP project managers handle more than three fourth of the high performing projects. As per the survey it is also being noted that companies with more than one-third PMP certified managers have much better project success than companies that do not. What is also more surprising in this regard is that PMP is the fifth highest-paying certification in recent years.

So what is most important if you are already working in Project Management or aspire to be a young successful project manager it is imminent that you have the PMP Certification which could indeed give your project management career the much-needed career boost.

How does PMP Certification help?

Adds Value to your resume

You need to realize that the PMP Certification is the most valuable certificate program in the project management field. Thus most of the top companies who recruit project managers are looking for this qualification in the resume and it is what can give a distinct edge over the other candidates.

Provides industry recognition

The best part about the PMP Certification is that it is recognized by most of the corporate houses as a credible qualification. This is what adds value to the job market. It is also believed in the corporate world that project managers who have the PMP Certification are more likely to complete the job than the one who does not have this qualification. So everybody recognizes it in the industry.

Helps you to acquire important project management skills

The PMP Exam has been so designed that by understanding the important project management concepts it will help you acquire key skills that would indeed help your project management career.

Get better paid

Once you have the PMP Certification and also acquire the work experience you can be sure that you would have better pay at your job. In case you are looking for a better paying job, it will enable you to do the same as well.

Provides Networking Opportunities

In your project management career, you must have the right contacts. Once you are PMP Certified you would have better Networking opportunities as well.

Thus the PMP Certification is indeed worth it. If you are looking for the best PMP training in Mississauga or the best PMP training in Toronto, then Six Dimension Learning is the leader in the field. 

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