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Advanced Excel Expert Program for those pro Excel users

Are interested to learn Excel? Or are you finding that more employers are favoring employees who have an expert and ‘Advance Excel Skill’? If your new job or your organization is a place that demands advanced excel skills, then our course of ‘Advanced Excel Expert Program’ at SDL will take you from being a novice [...]

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Get the best professional & corporate training from experienced trainers at SDL

With the increase in more firms and foundations and organizations, there has been an increase in the need of proper supervisors in such places and their regular functioning. There has been a rise in the usage of methods like lean six sigma in several industries for a proper manufacturing process to take place. But for [...]

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Data analytics expert program – supercharging your career progress!

Every individual is a careerist these days! Thus, they all look for the best opportunity to train themselves or develop their skills in order to channelize their talents. Nowadays, data analytics are attracting a lot of young individuals. Data analytics basically involve the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the motto of converting [...]

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Six Sigma Green Belt – one of the best online courses at SDL!

Nowadays, nothing actually gets proper acknowledgment and impetus without professional training. One has to give their career a boost and help the organization flourish with his or her contribution. That is the reason why we at SDL are providing with some great professional training courses. We being a PMI approved Registered Training Centre in Mississauga [...]

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Professional PMP exam prep course – best for aspiring project managers!

At some point in their career, every manager wonders if an extra certification would help them take their career forward in a better manner. This is where the idea for a PMP certified may cross your mind. Based on the amount of money and time that is affixed to a PMP course, it may seem [...]

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Bring in positive changes in your career through Lean Six Sigma

Before understanding, why a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course is important for you, you must know what the term ‘black belt’ signifies. Six sigma black belts mainly spend their time measuring, structuring and analyzing any problem surrounding performances. The role of a black belt is quite different from the other types. The primary [...]

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How a degree in risk management can strengthen CFO’s role in a company?

These days, most of the major companies have risk management processes in order to identify, assess and respond to the ongoing and emerging risks to the business. However, many are still finding these processes, inadequate for today’s volatile environment. One essential gap is a strategic risk management, which involves an understanding of the critical, enterprise-wide risks [...]

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lean six sigma can help you achieve the most out of your business!

In Operations Management, it is necessary to develop an efficient data handling system which can improve productivity with an effective customer-centric approach. Thus, the process of Six Sigma comes into effect. The Six Sigma process uses various statistical tools and techniques to systematically eliminate the errors and inefficiency to improve processes. In 1986, the Six [...]

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What jobs can you get after completing an advance Excel program?

MS EXCEL is one of the applications of the Microsoft Office Suite, and it helps to create spreadsheet documents in Excel format. Thus, such documents are created for data analytics, tabulation of numbers, various calculations, charts and graphs, reports and dashboards etc. There is a domain in Excel which is termed as Advanced Excel. This [...]

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4 skills you need to know to become a big data analyst

The Big Data is really giving tough competition to traditional data analysis. It is becoming hard to cope with that. Much more is needed than being able to navigate on the database management systems in relation and draw insights using statistical algorithms. There are a few skills that are extremely necessary to become a big data [...]

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