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Program Overview

Data Visualization is an essential skill to effectively apply the principles of visual storytelling by building dashboards, to represent business data that help take quick and relevant action. Visualization is also very useful for data exploration and is a great tool kit for predictive modelers and machine learning engineers helping them investigate the data hierarchically. It is a highly marketable skill and is required for business analysts, programmers, managers, and data analysts/scientists to perform at their best and grow further in their respective careers. The BITA-SDL Data Visualization program builds on the Advanced Excel course and aims to make the participants become experts in using Tableau for data analysis, reporting and building dashboards. We would start from the first principles and learn enough to successfully become a Tableau qualified desktop associate. The course will include cases from multiple industries to help understand the application of visual analytics and Tableau in real world scenarios.

Course Coverage

  • Understanding Tableau
  • Know the Marks and Shelves to customize your viz
  • Data Manipulation using Tableau Prep
  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Analytics
  • Calculations
  • LOD
  • Data Connections
  • Advanced Issues
  • Case Studies
  • Overview of MySQL (free)
  • Overview of dashboards in Power BI (free)

Course Outline

S.No Basics of Tableau Time (hrs)
1 Understanding Tableau 1
2 Marks 1
3 Shelves 1
4 Introduction to Dashboards 1
5 Introduction to Tableau Prep 4
Total 8
S.No Intermediate Tableau Time (hrs)
1 Joins 2
2 Blending 2
3 Charts and Maps 2
4 Dealing with Time 2
Total 8
S.No Calculations Time (hrs)
1 Aggregations 2
2 Data Manipulation – Strings, Logic, Time 2
3 Arithmetic Calculations and Hierarchies 2
4 Level of Details 2
Total 8
S.No Dashboards Time (hrs)
1 Dashboards and Storytelling 2
2 R Integration 2
3 Groups and Sets 2
4 Advanced Table Calculations 2
Total 8
S.No Case Study Time (hrs)
1 Case Study 1 2
2 Case Study 2 2
3 Case Study 3 2
4 Case Study 4 2
Total 8
S.No Additional Free Topics Time (hrs)
1 Case Study in MySQL – part 1 2
2 Case Study in MySQL – part 2 2
3 Case Study in Power BI – part 1 2
4 Case Study in Power BI – part 2 2
Total 8

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